Turmeric: Traditional natural substance inhibits metastasis

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Universität Munchen: Traditional natural substance inhibits metastasis

Munich, 12.10.2012,

Arthritis and other ailments that turmeric has been known for thousands of years as a remedy. It contains an active substance which inhibits inflammation and can also prevent the formation of metastases, such as new results now.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in the Western world, but that is often only diagnosed when more tumors have been formed in other organs. Three percent of patients die of these metastases. A research team led by LMU Associate Professor Dr. Beatrice Bach Meier has studied a drug that inhibits the formation of tumors daughter. He comes from the turmeric, which has been known for centuries as a remedy - and is used in curries.

Bach Meier's team focused on the experience gained from the turmeric plant compound curcumin. This natural polyphenol is very well tolerated and would be potentially suitable for use in both the primary tumor prevention, that is, before a tumor develops, as well as to secondary tumor prevention in an already advanced stage of cancer: Bach Meier succeeded in a previous study of the evidence, in that the substance advanced prevent breast cancer metastasis formation.

Cancer cells defuse

In the current study it was about the efficacy of curcumin in the prevention of prostate cancer metastases to try and decipher the underlying mechanism. In a first step, the team investigated what potential molecular processes involved in prostate cancer, and which substances are thereby formed in the tumor cells. For tumors that are associated with chronic latent infections, such as prostate cancer or breast cancer are often certain immune factors such as cytokines CXCL1 and CXCL2 formed.

The researchers to evidence that curcumin inhibits the synthesis of these proteins specifically. The end result - as shown in a mouse model - for reduced formation of metastases. "In cancer cells, through the action of curcumin fewer cytokines were formed to support the growth of metastases," said Bach Meier. "As a consequence of the formation of tumors in the lungs daughter of the animals both in breast cancer, as shown in the hwinfo study in prostate cancer, statistically significantly inhibited."

Good compatibility

Bach Meier concludes that curcumin could own such as breast and prostate cancer for chemoprevention of tumors and metastases, because these tumors are often associated with a chronic, latent infection. "That does not mean that this substance would replace the current therapeutic strategies," says the scientist. "Rather, it is conceivable to employ curcumin before a tumor has been diagnosed - or to prevent the formation and spread of metastases. We build upon the good compatibility is very important because we want to take curcumin then recommend a healthy population group with increased risk of tumors. "

Curcumin is also in doses of up to eight grams per day relatively harmless: For thousands of years, it is used among other things for its anti-inflammatory effects in a variety of ailments. For treatment as men with benign prostatic hyperplasia would (BPH), which often results in the course of prostate cancer in question. The same goes for women with high familial risk of breast cancer. There could also be a use of the drug in the company to certain cancer therapies. In all cases, however, the substance before use through controlled clinical trials, as Bach Meier now plans to patients with treatment-resistant prostate cancer.
( Carcinogenesis Online , October 5, 2012) bedo / suwe


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