Thousands of coffins since years from USA

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This video was released on YouTube yesterday of the Inglewood Park Cemetary in Inglewood, California. There appear to be thousands and thousands of concrete coffins lined up; the videographer explains that they have been there for 4 months now. Why are they using concrete? Is this normal? If not, what exactly are they preparing for? Through the US govts own website, we learn that FEMA’s HR6566 has instructed the US govt to prepare for mass casualties.

Let me know what you think. Back in 2008 and 2009, eerily similar videos of massive numbers of concrete coffins were taken in California and Arizona.



2008: Believe it or not. The FEMA coffins are a Preparation for something Big.

FEMA Coffins In Georgia?

2009: Massive Concrete Tombs Prepared in Phoenix, AZ and California

2009: Mass Graves 4 months later Concrete vaults caskets LA

2012: FEMA Coffins On Masonic Trucks Coming To YOUR Neighborhood Soon!!! Make Viral!!!

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